**Table Topper max. 900 sq. in. **

** NOTICE **

I recently switched to a full-time job and am taking a break from longarm quilting.  Unfortunately, working 40 hours per week and quilting for customers is a rough schedule and I just can't keep up this pace.  Check back on this website, Instagram or Facebook for an announcement when/if I am able to take quilting jobs again.  Thank you for understanding!

How to Calculate Quilting Cost:

Multiply:  (length of quilt in inches) x (width of quilt in inches) x (cost per sq. inch)

Example:  A 54" x 72" lap quilt with a 2 cent/sq. inch pantograph

                   = 54 x 72 x $.02 = $77.76


The cost of batting is in addition to the cost of quilting.  As the piecer, you can provide the batting your prefer or you can purchase the batting that I have available.  I currently stock Warm and Natural and Warm and White (the 90" wide rolls) and Quilter's Dream Wool at $11.00/yd or $.31/linear inch.  Batting will be taxed at the current NV tax rate of 8.25%.

**NOTE: I will not quilt using Mountain Mist as the fibers are so inconsistent that good tension is impossible to achieve.  In addition, it is easy to rip the batting during the quilting process resulting in holes between the layers of the quilt.  Please supply a batting that is adequate to tolerate the pulling and straightening during the quilting process.

Preparing Your Quilt Top for Machine Quilting

In order for me to have enough fabric to pin the backing to the rollers and use side clamps to provide tension to the quilt sandwich, the quilt backing and batting must be 4" larger (on all sides) than the quilt top.  For example, if the quilt top measures 50" x 60", the backing and batting must measure approximately 58" x 68".  

Please be sure the quilt top and backing are pressed, including the fold from being on the bolt.  Any creases/folds could become a problem during the quilting process.  I will "square up the backing" to ensure that it is perfectly square before loading it on the frame.  Providing additional fabric will allow me to square up without running the risk of ending up with too little fabric to complete the quilt.

The best tip I ever got as a piecer was to apply the borders like you do the pieces in the quilt--measure and pin prior to sewing to minimize the likelihood of "wavy" borders.  Some of the fullness in a quilt may be taken up during the quilting process, but excessive fabric (in the border or center) might end up as a pleat, tuck, or pucker in the finished quilt.  My motto is "Flat and Happy."  Even if your piecing isn't that precise, having a flat quilt top will guarantee nice quilting and easy finishing for your project.

Other Services Available

Piecing the Backing:  You provide the backing fabric and I make the backing.  The cost is $10 per seam.  A large baby/lap quilt would generally cost $10, and queen/king size would be $20.

Pressing the Top/Backing:  If you quilt top or backing needs to be pressed, the cost is $10/half hour.  It is critical that your top be as wrinkle-free as possible to get great quality quilting. Please take the time to prepare your top so that it is ready to load.

Fixing Open Seams:  If your quilt top has seams that are popping open due to small seam allowances or fraying, I will charge $5 per seam to sew them back together so there are no holes in the quilt top prior to quilting.  Be sure that the quilt top is sufficiently stable so that light tugging and straightening during the quilting process doesn't result in popped seams.

Correcting Wavy Borders/Piecing Errors: If your quilt has excessive fabric in the borders or needs repairs to correct the piecing extra charges may be applied.  There is a common misconception that "everything" can be "quilted out."  Though some fullness can be drawn up during the quilting process, other errors need to be corrected through taking tucks, pleats, re-piecing, starch, steam and other time-consuming techniques. These charges will be billed at $10/half hour.

Binding Service (if you prefer to have me finish the quilt entirely):  

$1.50/foot--I trim the quilt top, make the binding from fabric you provided, sew the binding around the perimeter and I hand stitch it to the back.

$0.75/foot--I trim the quilt top, make the binding from fabric you provided, sew the binding around the perimeter and leave it to YOU to hand stitch it to the back of the quilt. 

Click HERE 

Hello fellow quilter!

I've been longarm quilting since 2004--sometimes for customers, other times just for myself. My preference is definitely quilting affordable pantographs for budget-conscious piecers.  This year I upgraded my APQS longarm machine with a computerized system (Intelliquilter) and the quilting designs (pantographs) in my library are ones that I feel provide lovely texture, without being too "thready" or causing your quilt top to become "stiff."  Currently, I'm only offering "edge-to-edge" or "allover" quilting--no custom quilting at this time.

 Click HERE to see some of my available quilting designs

Examples of my quilting are in the slideshow below.

NOTE:  Because the designs are available for immediate download, I can easily order a design you'd like upon your request.  Some sites that provides quilting designs are listed below.  Feel free to search for pantograph quilting, edge-to-edge, E2E, or allover quilting to see more design possibilities.

​​If your selection is a design that I would likely use again in the future for another client, I will gladly pay for the price of the new pattern.  If it unlikely that I would use it again, because it is specific to your taste/quilt or is a "unique novelty" theme, then I will ask that you pay 50% of the cost of the download (approx. $7.50).

Pricing for allover, pantograph quilting varies between $.015 and $.02 per square inch.  The cost depends on the density of the pantograph and time to quilt the design--prices are given in the panto list.  The cost of thread is already included in the pricing.

There is a $40 minimum charge.  Smaller jobs are always welcome!